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What functions does topicLab offer me?

topicLab offers you a platform with which you can design your entire employee communication, communication among association members or in public institutions. Through individual & group chats, as well as push notifications, you have the possibility to reach all employees in a targeted, quick and easy way. Documents can be uploaded easily, allowing information to flow quickly. With the ability to set up roles and groups individually, you can ensure that this information gets to the right place.

Why won't public communication tools do?

topicLab offers 100% secure app communication. You move in a closed space and your content remains protected from unwanted observers. topicLab is DSGVO compliant, unlike public communication tools. The data of common public communication tools is located abroad.

Where are topicLab's servers located?

Our servers are located in Germany. More details in the privacy policy.

How are my data and privacy protected?

All messages are stored encrypted in the database. All connections are encrypted with HTTPS.

In which languages is topicLab available?

German and English. More languages will follow.

Not all of our employees have a company cell phone. Can they still use topiclab?

Yes. topicLab is also suitable for use on your employees' private smartphones and can thus be used as a "bring your own device" (BYOD) solution. topicLab also runs on all mobile devices. Due to the encryption of the data and the hosting on German servers, DSGVO compliance remains unaffected.

Can topicLab be personalized?

topicLab can be customized according to your corporate branding in the Console ( and adapted to your corporate designs, e.g. app name, app icons, colors, logo and fonts.

How does topicLab help me in the club?

Coaches and leaders can directly contact the parents or members of the club. Each member can contribute, exchange and safeguard. This can be done in individually set groups so that information gets to the places it concerns. Changes in training schedules, planning, court and hall allocations can be organized.

What is topicLab's pricing model?

Your price varies monthly or adapts flexibly to the number of your participants: The cut-off date is the 10th of each month, and your price is always shown in real time. There are no setup costs. Prices can be calculated and accessed at depending on the number of users and the type of company. The price is also displayed in the Console in real time.

Can I keep changing the number of members?

Yes. Your price varies monthly or flexibly adjusts to the number of your participants: The cut-off date is the 10th of each month.

What happens after the free trial period?

After the free phase, a contract is concluded between you and chargeyourmind GmbH and the app can continue to be used without any loss of data or blocking periods.

How does topicLab support the implementation?

You will receive step-by-step instructions. Our employees are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Application questions

What is the Console?

The Console is a web application for the admins of your organization. It is used to manage the corporate design, roles, users, mandatory topics and messages for the infobox.

What are mandatory topics?

Mandatory topics are created via the Console. Each mandatory topic is assigned at least one role. All users of this role are automatically added to the topic and in the chat.

What are messages?

Messages are important notifications or information that the user can receive in the app. Messages are created via the Console. Each message gets at least one role. The users of these roles then receive this message in their app.

What are the message types?

There are 2 message types: 1. simple message with a read receipt. 2. poll, where users can vote on predefined choices in your topicLab app.

What is the Infobox?

The Infobox is located in the topicLab app and contains important messages. These messages can be purely informative or can also contain a survey.

Which file formats can be exchanged with topicLab?

Basically, all file formats can be sent and received.

Which operating systems are supported?

topicLab is available for iOS and Android.

Can I include external users?

Yes, even users who are not part of the company can be included in the company network. To do this, you can set your company to public and anyone with the credentials can join your company.

How large is the data volume when sending messages?

The maximum size of messages and files is 5MB.

How is the registration done?

Access takes place in the employee portal via a login by e-mail address, user name. You will receive the initial login data from our employees. They will also be there for you if you have any questions during registration.

What are the roles in the app?

The enterprise app has a role-based and customizable system that can be set individually at the person and group level.

What are groups?

Groups are areas that can be dynamically created by topicLab users. This way, special teams can be formed within a group or, if required, across roles.

How can I add a profile picture?

In the settings, you can add the profile picture in addition to the personal settings.

How do I assign rights?

The rights are assigned via the console ( by the admins.

How do I start a new chat?

Chats are always 1:1 bound to the topic and are always group chats. To join a topic chat, select a topic in the topic view and then click "Join chat". After that you will be in the chat that is related to the topic and so you can talk about the topic's topic.

How can I determine who receives what information?

You can create roles and groups individually and thus determine who receives which information.

Support questions

I need support or have feedback. Who can I contact?

You can send an email to: or use the live chat at:

Is there a hotline if the system does not work on weekends?

There is currently no hotline. Please use the contact form. Our staff will provide you with support within the shortest possible time. In addition, our systems are monitored 24/7 and our staff will be informed if there is a system failure.